Introducing Vmail2Text

Here at Nexiwave, we’re proud to present a new addition to our company: Vmail2Text.

Vmail2Text is a (you guessed it) voicemail-to-text transcription service targeted for the people to help save their time by getting rid of those pesky nuisances called voicemails, all starting at the very low price of FREE.

What is a voicemail-to-text transcription service?

A voicemail-to-text transcription service simply takes the voicemail left in the inbox, transcribes the words into text for the reciever to read, before it’s sent back to the receiver’s email inbox (along with the original audio), ready to be read. It really is that easy!

Why is this useful?

Voicemails are the Achilles’ heel to this modern world’s fast-paced society. After all, it can take forever to listen to someone convey a message that would only take literal seconds to read. We at Vmail2Text understand that struggle, which is why we’ve developed our voicemail-to-text transcription service to help save you the most precious thing in the world: Time.

Vmail2Text works with almost all major carriers in North America, like AT&T, MetroPCS, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Bell and so many more! Not only that, but it’s the ultimate way to not only save you time and starts at the best price in the world, FREE.

If you would like more information or would like to sign up today, click here.

Why Companies Take So Long to Reply to Voicemails

Have you ever left a voicemail for a company and only wait for days to get a call back?

While your first instinct might be that the secretary had better things to do than look over your voicemail, the truth is, it just takes a while to get to. After all, the typical voicemail is around a minute long, with 30 seconds being the introduction and the other half dedicated to the actual message. It might not sound like a lot of time at first, but big companies can typically receive hundreds to the upwards of thousands of those minute-long voicemails to listen to daily. So, chances are, your voicemail is just stuck in a pile of others, which means that it could take hours or days for a response.

And it also means that the company isn’t using Nexiwave, a voicemail-to-text system.

Nexiwave is an incredibly simple system that provides our number one need: Time. Using it’s completely automated, 99% accurate program, your voicemail will go straight to Nexiwave and into your email inbox, with the only catch being that your voicemail can now be read as opposed to listened to.

This not only saves hundreds of hours of the company’s time, but also ensures that you get your responses faster than ever before, all with the help of Nexiwave.

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The Hassle of Calling in Sick

“-did the beep go off? Yes? Okay, umm, well, hello there, my name is John Doe and, well, I guess that’s not very important because I’m, like, calling in for my daughter, Jane Doe, who’s come down with a pretty bad flu. Like, a really bad flu, she’s been vomiting all last night and we’re considering taking her to the hospital. Anyways, she’s not going to be at school today… oh, yeah, and her homeroom teachers’ name is… Mrs. Bizichuiera? Mrs. Bisurera? Mrs. B? Anyways, she’s also in grade seven by the way and… you know what, I’m just going to try again, scrap this, I’ll just call you back in a minute.”

Imagine hearing that message a hundred times a day, except each time it has the slightest variation in the words that will completely change the entire purpose of the call. Doesn’t seem that hard? Well, then imagine those words spoken in the thickest British accents possible… no, actually, make that Indian, Chinese, Austrailian, or a combination of the three.

That’s exactly what millions of school secretaries around the world go through as parents frantically call their kids in sick. Their mornings are spent in tireless repetition of listening carefully for the name of the homeroom student and teacher all to make a little red mark on their computer to dub the child absent.

Now, imagine if that was all taken away. If secretaries never had to do the mind-numbing task of sitting by the answering machine for a certain name to come up. If the secretaries could simply find the name of the student and teacher with nothing more than a glance.

Imagine the amount of time that would be saved and used for something more productive, like finalizing immunization records or confirming after-school activities.

But there’s no need to imagine anymore, because that can be a reality right now, and it all starts with one word.


Nexiwave is a voicemail-to-text transcription service, meaning that it’ll convert every voicemail that comes in to text (with a 99% accuracy, mind you), saving one the most precious thing in the world – time.

It’s a given, listening to voicemails just wastes too much time, and why put someone through all that trouble when there’s a perfectly simple solution already available?

Contact Nexiwave today to help your school board today!

The Best Mother’s Day Gift of Them All…

Is your mother or wife a secretary? A small-business owner? A receptionist? A customer-service provider? A lawyer? A nurse? A doctor?

If so, then you’ve probably heard them complain time after time again about how many voicemails are left for them and how long it takes for them to listen to every single tedious voicemail.

So, for this years Mother’s Day, consider giving your loved one the most precious gift of all: Time, all with the help of Nexiwave, a voicemail transcription service.

With Nexiwave, the voicemails that once plagued your wife’s or mother’s life can be replaced with text, a huge time-saver. After all, reading messages is incredibly more easy than listening to them.

This is all possible due to Nexiwave’s voicemail transcription service. The voicemail goes straight to Nexiwave, which uses a completely automated, 99% accurate system that will convert your voicemail to text within minutes. The text will then be sent back to the receiver’s e-mail.

It really is that simple.

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The Problem with Voicemail

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt a little attacked the moment you’ve hear the words ‘You’ve got ___ new messages.’. *shamelessly raises hand*

Don’t worry, everyone feels the same. Whether there’s only one message in your voicemail box or five dozen, we all know the pain of the long, tedious task of listening to every. Single. Voicemail.

Of course, we can’t blame the caller for causing us this pain, after all, sending someone a message using your voice is a hundred times easier than manually typing out a text to someone, especially if the option is literally right in front of you. I mean, there is a reason why Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri are such big hits, they can give you information just by hearing your voice, saving you from doing the task of typing it out yourself.

So, we’re stuck in a loop. People hate having to listen to long, dull messages, yet they also don’t like having to send those messages to begin with. It’s a flawed, almost hypocritical system… one that you will no longer ever need to worry about with the help of Nexiwave.

With Nexiwave’s program, your voicemails will be converted straight to text – all within minutes. It’s an easy in-and-out process, the caller sends a voicemail that goes to Nexiwave, which then uses a completely automated, 99.9% accurate program that will convert the message into text before emailing said message to the receiver, all privacy guaranteed.

With Nexiwave, voicemails will be a thing in the past and all messages that you once had to spend forever listening to can be read straight from your email.

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Answering the Age-Old Question: Text Messages or E-Mail?

While the question may not have as much popularity as ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’, ‘Text message or E-mail?’ is still a commonly asked question in today’s modern age and time.

However, today we’ve finally reached the end of the debate with the help of MediaPost, who had recently published an article stating that the method of using e-mails to communicate has been voted to be the most preferred way of communication between consumers.

The study had stated that a strong 57.54% of consumers would like business’ or salesmen to send them an e-mail as opposed to any other method of communication, with only 34.46% liking text messages and a small 8% of users preferring voicemail.

Due to this study, it’s clear to see that consumers seem to strongly resent voicemail as opposed to any other method of communication, and nobody can really blame them. After all, most of the time, half of the voicemails in a user’s inbox are muffled noise or they just last way too long, which not only annoys users, but wastes their time as well.

Unfortunately, while voicemails are impractical for the receiver, they are well-loved by callers. After all, the idea of exiting the phone app, opening the mail app, and typing up a message are three steps too many compared to the alternative of just talking to your phone for the message to be received by the whoever’s on the other end.

To put it simply, people like to read text to get information, but they also like to speak to give out knowledge as well, which, as most would guess, is a flawed system that seems to be incapable of making both sides happy.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this paradox in the form of Nexiwave, a system that will convert a voicemail into text within minutes. It’s an easy in-and-out process, the caller sends a voicemail that gets to Nexiwave, which then uses a completely automated, 99.9% accurate program that will convert the message into text before emailing said message to the receiver, all privacy guaranteed.

No more needing to waste minutes writing a message that could be sent in seconds with your voice. No more anxiously waiting for the important information to come up in voicemails. It’s a win-win for both sides, all with the help of Nexiwave.

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