Why Companies Take So Long to Reply to Voicemails

Have you ever left a voicemail for a company and only wait for days to get a call back?

While your first instinct might be that the secretary had better things to do than look over your voicemail, the truth is, it just takes a while to get to. After all, the typical voicemail is around a minute long, with 30 seconds being the introduction and the other half dedicated to the actual message. It might not sound like a lot of time at first, but big companies can typically receive hundreds to the upwards of thousands of those minute-long voicemails to listen to daily. So, chances are, your voicemail is just stuck in a pile of others, which means that it could take hours or days for a response.

And it also means that the company isn’t using Nexiwave, a voicemail-to-text system.

Nexiwave is an incredibly simple system that provides our number one need: Time. Using it’s completely automated, 99% accurate program, your voicemail will go straight to Nexiwave and into your email inbox, with the only catch being that your voicemail can now be read as opposed to listened to.

This not only saves hundreds of hours of the company’s time, but also ensures that you get your responses faster than ever before, all with the help of Nexiwave.

Try out Nexiwave for yourself today!

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