Work Efficiency? Nexiwave can help

In this state of economy, your company’s continued success relies on two things: keep your customers happy and improve your work efficiency. Nexiwave Voicemail Transcription service can significantly cut down your employee’s time spent on dealing with your customers’ messages: instead of having to listen to their voicemails which can take minutes, your employees can glance through the transcript in seconds and quickly decide what to do.

Your employees will not only save time, but also respond to customers faster.

As mentioned by this article from, Nexiwave offers the most accurate and easiest-to-use Voicemail Transcription service than any competitors.

Set up is as easy as 1-2-3:

1) create your free account here (Nexiwave will offer you a custom email address based on your email address, and in the format of;

2) configure your phone (or email program) to send your voicemail emails to the custom email address;

3) done;

Nexiwave will now transcribe any emails with audio attachment sent to your Nexiwave custom email address, and deliver the transcript (and audio attachment) to your real email address. It’s that simple.

With Nexiwave’s no-risk free-trial and trusted by over ten thousand businesses large and small, why not give it a try?

Voice or Text? And WhatsApp to add Voicemail Transcription

Recently, WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, is adding voicemail transcription capability to its app. This pokes the question of “do humans prefer to communicate in voice or text?”. Apparently, based on WhatsApp observations, people still prefer to talk when giving information (much faster, natural and on the spot). Whereas, when consuming information, text is preferred (easily seek to important parts).

Fortunately, with Nexiwave’s Voicemail Transcription service and our colleague companies/services, such as WhatsApp, the tech world can indeed offer both. With voicemails automatically transcribed into text, callers can easily leave their voice messages and receivers can easily glance through the text.

The perfect solution.

Voicemail Transcription for Office 365

Nexiwave has just launched “Voicemail Transcription for Office 365”. Nexiwave’s Office 365 customers can now add Voicemail Transcription service to their organizations in just two clicks!

More importantly, there is zero ongoing maintenance: Office 365 will automatically push voicemail emails to Nexiwave for transcription and receive transcribed text back. Nexiwave also automatically synchronizes user’s sub-accounts list with Office 365’s user list.

For our white-label resellers, white-label is fully supported in Voicemail Transcription for Office 365.

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