Introducing: Yearly Nexiwave Plans

Nexiwave is proud to present a brand-new payment option in the form of a yearly plan! We’ve made it easier than ever to sign up for our voicemail to text services, with a yearly charge as opposed to monthly, saving you time and money with our new deal that will give you two months of using Nexiwave for FREE! Not only that, but if you sign up by the end of this month* for our yearly offer, you will get an additional month FREE on top of that, making that a total of three months completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Nexiwave is a voicemail-to-text service that takes your voicemails, converts them to text using our 99% accurate, privacy-guaranteed system, before launching the newly transcribed text to your email. It really is that simple.

Sign up for our new yearly plan today!

*Offer only limited until June 30th, 2019

Voicemail Transcription for Office 365

Nexiwave has just launched “Voicemail Transcription for Office 365”. Nexiwave’s Office 365 customers can now add Voicemail Transcription service to their organizations in just two clicks!

More importantly, there is zero ongoing maintenance: Office 365 will automatically push voicemail emails to Nexiwave for transcription and receive transcribed text back. Nexiwave also automatically synchronizes user’s sub-accounts list with Office 365’s user list.

For our white-label resellers, white-label is fully supported in Voicemail Transcription for Office 365.

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