Introducing Vmail2Text

Here at Nexiwave, we’re proud to present a new addition to our company: Vmail2Text.

Vmail2Text is a (you guessed it) voicemail-to-text transcription service targeted for the people to help save their time by getting rid of those pesky nuisances called voicemails, all starting at the very low price of FREE.

What is a voicemail-to-text transcription service?

A voicemail-to-text transcription service simply takes the voicemail left in the inbox, transcribes the words into text for the reciever to read, before it’s sent back to the receiver’s email inbox (along with the original audio), ready to be read. It really is that easy!

Why is this useful?

Voicemails are the Achilles’ heel to this modern world’s fast-paced society. After all, it can take forever to listen to someone convey a message that would only take literal seconds to read. We at Vmail2Text understand that struggle, which is why we’ve developed our voicemail-to-text transcription service to help save you the most precious thing in the world: Time.

Vmail2Text works with almost all major carriers in North America, like AT&T, MetroPCS, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, Bell and so many more! Not only that, but it’s the ultimate way to not only save you time and starts at the best price in the world, FREE.

If you would like more information or would like to sign up today, click here.