Answering the Age-Old Question: Text Messages or E-Mail?

While the question may not have as much popularity as ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’, ‘Text message or E-mail?’ is still a commonly asked question in today’s modern age and time.

However, today we’ve finally reached the end of the debate with the help of MediaPost, who had recently published an article stating that the method of using e-mails to communicate has been voted to be the most preferred way of communication between consumers.

The study had stated that a strong 57.54% of consumers would like business’ or salesmen to send them an e-mail as opposed to any other method of communication, with only 34.46% liking text messages and a small 8% of users preferring voicemail.

Due to this study, it’s clear to see that consumers seem to strongly resent voicemail as opposed to any other method of communication, and nobody can really blame them. After all, most of the time, half of the voicemails in a user’s inbox are muffled noise or they just last way too long, which not only annoys users, but wastes their time as well.

Unfortunately, while voicemails are impractical for the receiver, they are well-loved by callers. After all, the idea of exiting the phone app, opening the mail app, and typing up a message are three steps too many compared to the alternative of just talking to your phone for the message to be received by the whoever’s on the other end.

To put it simply, people like to read text to get information, but they also like to speak to give out knowledge as well, which, as most would guess, is a flawed system that seems to be incapable of making both sides happy.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this paradox in the form of Nexiwave, a system that will convert a voicemail into text within minutes. It’s an easy in-and-out process, the caller sends a voicemail that gets to Nexiwave, which then uses a completely automated, 99.9% accurate program that will convert the message into text before emailing said message to the receiver, all privacy guaranteed.

No more needing to waste minutes writing a message that could be sent in seconds with your voice. No more anxiously waiting for the important information to come up in voicemails. It’s a win-win for both sides, all with the help of Nexiwave.

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