The Hassle of Calling in Sick

“-did the beep go off? Yes? Okay, umm, well, hello there, my name is John Doe and, well, I guess that’s not very important because I’m, like, calling in for my daughter, Jane Doe, who’s come down with a pretty bad flu. Like, a really bad flu, she’s been vomiting all last night and we’re considering taking her to the hospital. Anyways, she’s not going to be at school today… oh, yeah, and her homeroom teachers’ name is… Mrs. Bizichuiera? Mrs. Bisurera? Mrs. B? Anyways, she’s also in grade seven by the way and… you know what, I’m just going to try again, scrap this, I’ll just call you back in a minute.”

Imagine hearing that message a hundred times a day, except each time it has the slightest variation in the words that will completely change the entire purpose of the call. Doesn’t seem that hard? Well, then imagine those words spoken in the thickest British accents possible… no, actually, make that Indian, Chinese, Austrailian, or a combination of the three.

That’s exactly what millions of school secretaries around the world go through as parents frantically call their kids in sick. Their mornings are spent in tireless repetition of listening carefully for the name of the homeroom student and teacher all to make a little red mark on their computer to dub the child absent.

Now, imagine if that was all taken away. If secretaries never had to do the mind-numbing task of sitting by the answering machine for a certain name to come up. If the secretaries could simply find the name of the student and teacher with nothing more than a glance.

Imagine the amount of time that would be saved and used for something more productive, like finalizing immunization records or confirming after-school activities.

But there’s no need to imagine anymore, because that can be a reality right now, and it all starts with one word.


Nexiwave is a voicemail-to-text transcription service, meaning that it’ll convert every voicemail that comes in to text (with a 99% accuracy, mind you), saving one the most precious thing in the world – time.

It’s a given, listening to voicemails just wastes too much time, and why put someone through all that trouble when there’s a perfectly simple solution already available?

Contact Nexiwave today to help your school board today!