The Best Mother’s Day Gift of Them All…

Is your mother or wife a secretary? A small-business owner? A receptionist? A customer-service provider? A lawyer? A nurse? A doctor?

If so, then you’ve probably heard them complain time after time again about how many voicemails are left for them and how long it takes for them to listen to every single tedious voicemail.

So, for this years Mother’s Day, consider giving your loved one the most precious gift of all: Time, all with the help of Nexiwave, a voicemail transcription service.

With Nexiwave, the voicemails that once plagued your wife’s or mother’s life can be replaced with text, a huge time-saver. After all, reading messages is incredibly more easy than listening to them.

This is all possible due to Nexiwave’s voicemail transcription service. The voicemail goes straight to Nexiwave, which uses a completely automated, 99% accurate system that will convert your voicemail to text within minutes. The text will then be sent back to the receiver’s e-mail.

It really is that simple.

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